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E-commerce UI Theme App Expo

Run the following commands on your terminal to setup Ecommero Ecomerce UI Theme on your system.


  • Get the code

    • Opt #1. Download ZIP If you don't know how to use Git you can download Ecommero E-commerce UI Theme by Clicking here. Extract the content of the zip files, please note that downloading will not sync with further updates of E-commerce UI Theme

    • Opt#2. Clone To setup Ecommero - E-commerce UI Theme on your system, and sync with constant updates, clone the repo. Click here to clone Ecommero - E-commerce UI Theme using GitStrap.


  • Install packages cd e-commerce-app npm install or instead of npm install you can use yarn install

  • Run on iOS

    • Run expo start in your terminal

    • An expo interface will open select the option run on iOS simulator

    • To run on iOS device enter the url of expo given in opened interface in your expo app on iOS by downloading expo from AppStore

  • Run on Android

    • Run expo start in your terminal

    • Make sure you have an Android emulator installed and running

    • Click the option run on android emulator in the opened interface in your expo app

    • To run on device scan the QR code given in opened expo app web interface